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1982 177 Inland Harbor Skimmer Vessel


Mud Cat Trash Skimmer Model MS16 - 12000B Pick Up Capacity - 16' wide x 21/2' deep Storage Capacity - 12000 lbs or 700 cu ft Cummins 5.9L engine - needs re-man Pontoons need to be replaced (see pics) Propulsion system - 2 hydraulically driven, bi-directional and variable speed propellers Hydraulic tank capacity - 100 gallons Hull dimensions: Length/Beam: 34'-8"/11'11" Draft: empty/loaded 17"/26" Number of compartments - 10 Location: Virginia Price Skimmer and trailer: $45000 Call Vicki at 214.837.5061 or email

Seismic Ground Equipment Various Years IVI Birdwagen


(15) Birdwagen units; some with center frame replaced; $50-000 to $60,000 depending on hours: Hours are 11,900 - 19000. Birdwagen: Height (with standard tires) 115.1 inches Width (with standard tires) 108.268 inches Length 380 inches Total Weight 64,000 pounds Front Axle Weight 31,500 pounds Rear axle weight 32,500 pounds Traction system pressure 4,000 PSI Transmission Hydrostatic 4 speed Cab 2 or 3 man vista cab Turning radius 26 feet Engine = CAT C15 450 Hp @ 2100 RPM Standard Tire 67 x 34-25 14 ply Hemi-60 Vibrator: maximum theoretical peak force 61,620 pounds Mass Piston Area 20.54 sq. inches Reaction Mass Weight 8,250 pounds Reaction Mass Stroke +/- 1.75 inches Reaction Centering Air Springs Servo-valve 200 GPM Servo-valve Pilot filter 3 Micron Baseplate Area 5,196 square inches Baseplate Assembly weight 4,700 pounds lift system stroke 36 inches Lift cylinder diameter 4.0 inches lift synchronization split crossbeam Vibrator pump flow 140 GPM @ 2100 RPM Hold-down weight 62,000 pounds It is possible to change out tires in some cases on trucks. Tires are Firestone 23.5/25 size, "Rock Grip", "Flotation" and "Flotation Deep Tread" Hours range from 11,000 - 20,000 hours. Birdwagen and Hemi-60 vibrator package (does not include electronics) Contact Vicki at 214.335.5588 or email

38 1000hp Offshore Crew/Fast Supply Vessel (FSV) For Sale


1972 Swift boat Twin Detroit 6V92 diesel engines @ 500Hp each. Price reduced because engine needs new liner. flat bottom push knees 38' length x 12' width aluminum boat with bullet steel sides - was a Navy Seal boat 18" draft when tank is half full 2 way radio GPS Location: S. Carolina Price: $55000 Call Vicki at 214.837.5061 or email

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